Wrc Rally Estonia
Fia WRC Autosport


OPEN:  Friday 12.07 at 18:00-01:00
              Sunday 14.07 at 14:00-17:30

VIP-area location: 58.380679, 26.724866

R 12.07 Schedule

15:00-22:00   LHV Autolaen AUTOEXPO and entertainment area are open
18:00              Opening ceremony of Tartu Triathlon
18:30              AHHAA Centre sience theatre
19:00              Opening ceremony of the 15th Estonian Summer Games   
19:50              CITYFLASH feat. Laura-Ly live show
20:00              Choosing of starting positions for crews No.1-10
20:05              Public press conference of TOP drivers
20:25              Autograph signing session
20:45              Shell Helix Rally Estonia Opening ceremony
20:55              MyHits opening act, performers WATEVA, Elina Born, Emily J​
21:00              Ceremonial start
22:45-01:00   Opening concert of the 3 sports eventst. Performers Musiqq (LAT), Anne Veski (EST), Nublu (EST)

Tartu VIP area/grandstand is situated at the Town Hall Square, next to the podium and near the LHV AUTOEXPO, trade and entertainment areas.

VIP area and grandstand offer the best view to the stage and podium. It also has a big LED screen for following Postimees live broadcast.

We offer a selection of drinks from Saku and Pernod Richard, Red Bull energy drink and a light meal from Carmen Catering:

  • R 12.07 - Fresh salad with vegetables and grilled chicken
  • P 14.07 - Sandwich with fresh salad, cream cheese and chicken


Open: Friday 12.07 / Saturday 13.07 / Sunday 14.07

VIP-parking location: 58.054006, 26.497694

Parking slots is situated in Otepää, near Tehvandi Stadium, right where the Munamäe and Tehvandi streets cross.


OPEN: Saturday 13.07 kell 08.00-14:00

VIP-Parking 1 location: 58.13388, 26.56047
VIP-area location: 58.13492, 26.5567  

SS1 SPORTLAND / MAARITSA 1 (14,60 km) – First car 09:23
SS3 KAMBJA / MAARITSA 2 (14,60 km) – First car 12.04

Leigo spectator area is located on the territory of Leigo tourist farm, in the middle of the picturesque Leigo lakes.

The spectator area is located on a natural hillside where each rally car can be seen for more than 30 seconds taking a sharp hairpin, trampolines and curves of different speeds.

In addition, You will find at Leigo:

  • Sportland jump
  • LED screen for LIVE broadcast with comments
  • Food area
  • Sportland Rally Shop
  • Igloo sauna
  • Childrens’ trampolines
  • Camping area and caravan parking, open from 12.07
  • Toilets



OPEN: Saturday 13.07 at 13.00-18.00

VIP-parking location: 58.01271, 26.59572
VIP-area location: 58.01333, 26.55134

SS5 SHELL HELIX   / RÜA 1 (9,30 km) – First car 14.25  
SS7 EESTI MEEDIA / RÜA 2 (9,30 km) – First car 17.11  

Alaküla VIP area is situated next to the legendary Shell Helix Alaküla jump. The area has a catering tent and a VIP area with multiple levels and a roof. This VIP area offers the best view to the long jumps and fast corners. The VIP area also has a wonderful host - Kalev Kruus

We offer a selection of drinks from Saku, coffee/tea and a hot meal from Carmen Catering:

  • Pork neck glazed with kvass and and honey, grilled potatoes, grilled vegetables, Greek tzatziki sauce, fresh cabbage and cucumber salad.

The area has private toilets.

The VIP parking lot is situated near the VIP area.

NB! We would like to kindly ask you not to arrive to the VIP area at the last minute.


One of the most legendary and popular spectator areas in Rally Estonia history, always packed with thousands of fans.

Jumps as far as 40 metres followed by complicated curves and high speeds provide adrenalin and excitement for everybody!

In addition you can find in the spectator area: 

  • Striking Shell Helix jump arch with flame-projectors and C02 guns
  • Postimees.ee live broadcast on local LED-screen with comments
  • catering areas
  • Sportland rally store
  • Visitestonia airbag jump
  • kids area and trampolines
  • Kuku rally radio
  • camping possibility from Friday July 12
  • parking
  • outdoor toilets
  • mowed. secure and large spectator area



OPEN: SATURDAY 13.07 at 18.00-22.00

VIP grandstand at the Elva city stage is situated in front of Elva train station, near the roundabout on Kesk street. VIP parking lot is situated near the VIP area.

VIP-parking location:  58.22592, 26.41795
VIP-area location: 58.224011, 26.420382

SS9 ELVA CITY (1,66 km) –First car 19.20  

Red bull stunt rider show will be taking place at 18.40, before the start of Elva city stage, at the roundabout near VIP area. After Elva city stage, a concert will be taking place at Elva Song Festival area. The concert will feature amazing artists, such as Nancy, Caater, Põhja-Tallinn, Allan Roosileht and Julia Volkova. Tickets can be bought from Piletilevi and at the concert.

NB! We would like to kindly ask you not to arrive to the VIP area at the last minute.


OPEN: SUNDAY 14.07 at 08.00-13:00

VIP-area location: 58.154306, 26.773944

SS11 AUTO24.ee / PRANGLI 1 (17,05 km) –First car 09:19
SS13 SEBACOM / PRANGLI 2 (17,05 km) – First car 11:44

Access to the Prangli VIP area is organised through a special path, meant only for the VIP guests. The whole rally can be well observed from the VIP grandstand, a jump is located right in front of the tribune.

The VIP parking lot is situated near the VIP area.

NB! We would like to kindly ask you not to arrive to the VIP area at the last minute.