Rally Estonia
Rally starts in
Fia WRC Autosport

Behaviour and security rules

To ensure the safety of all Rally Estonia visitors, employees and event organizers, Rally Estonia has prepared the rules that should be followed by all people staying in the area of the Rally Estonia event – at the stages, spectator areas, on EXPO and service park areas and inside the premises of the Estonian National Museum (ERM) and in its surrounding territory. 

The improper or dangerous behaviour of even one person may disturb the conduct of the event, endanger human health and welfare and could, in extreme cases, lead to the interruption of the event and evacuation of all people.  Therefore, we ask everyone to follow the rules below without exception and draw attention of other people who accidentally disregard these rules to the need to follow these.

The reminder for Rally Estonia visitor when attending the event and moving around in the spectator areas:

  • If possible, please vaccinate yourself prior to the event
  • Do not come if you are not feeling well
  • Move in your group
  • Stay in your group
  • Disinfect
  • We recommend to wear a mask
  • Do not socialize

1. Entrance and rally passes

  • The entry to the spectator areas of Rally Estonia and stages is ensured by rally pass. It is NOT POSSIBLE to go near the track or to the spectator areas without rally pass.
    • The rally pass ensures entry ONLY to the spectator areas set for your rally pass group, the more detailed information has been provided at the website rallyestonia.com. Rally passes are linked to the personal identification code of the specific person (i.e. these are personalized) and are valid only as attached to the hand. Please take an identity document along.
    • If one person buys a ticket for several people (incl also connects to the personal identification codes), the person having made the purchase based on this document is responsible for the proper behaviour of all accompanying persons.
  • There is security check at the entrances of spectator areas, in the course of which the security employee(s) is(are) entitled to perform an inspection, if required, of the personal belongings, incl bags, pockets etc of the persons wishing to enter. The visitors refusing security check will not be allowed near the track. The security employees have the right to restrict the entry of the persons possessing prohibited items to the event. The security employee(s) has(have) the right to direct the persons performing prohibited activities out of the spectator and track areas.

1.1. Prohibited items:

No persons, incl visitors, are allowed to enter the spectator areas with the following items:

  • professional photo, video and sound recording equipment (incl drones), excl in case of existence of general and/or personal special permit issued by the organizer of the event;
  • food products, incl alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (excl. food and drinks small children and people with special needs);
  • narcotic, pyrotechnical, highly flammable, poisonous, radioactive, tacky, strong-smelling and other substances of unclear composition;
  • side arms and firearms;
  • big sports bags, suitcases and other big objects that interfere with the well-being of other visitors;
  • other items prohibited for civil use or objects which may damage the life or health of other persons or may impair the conduct of the rally.

The organizer has no obligation to deposit prohibited items.

1.2.    Prohibited activities:

No persons, incl visitors, are allowed to carry out the following activities at the spectator areas:

  • making and using open fire and the use of any pyrotechnic and explosive devices;
  • staying on the area with visible signs of intoxication (alco-narco);
  • incorrect and disruptive behaviour that disturbs other visitors;
  • provision of catering services, incl preparation of food, offering, serving and sale of taken along food products, incl drinks;
  • provision of other services not agreed in writing with the event organizer and execution of attractions and conduct of displays;
  • drones are strictly prohibited in the flight restriction area established during Rally Estonia. Only the drones authorized by Rally Estonia organizers are allowed. The drones used without permit are eliminated by the police with anti-drone device. Police deposits the drone as movable to avoid danger and the pilot of the drone will be held accountable pursuant to law. The drone pilot is responsible for any damage that may result from repelling an unauthorized drone.

2. Traffic control, parking

  • To ensure the smooth conduct of the event, please stick the vehicle pass inside your car windscreen, in the upper right corner of the passenger side, before entering the event. Motorcycle pass should be visibly attached to the front side of your motorcycle. Access to the parking areas without vehicle pass is not allowed.
  • Parking during the event is strictly allowed ONLY on the vehicle areas fixed by the organizers. When parking outside the areas set by the organizer, all stopping and parking requirements listed in the Traffic Act should be followed. The vehicles parked in the wrong place will be removed and the costs of the removal will be covered by the owner of the vehicle.
  • There are lots of cars on the roads, please be aware of the possible stops on the road, parking time and leave enough time to find a suitable spot to watch rally. The official rally radio Star FM and the traffic information platform Waze are the most operational channels to obtain information about traffic jams, contest downtime, parking etc.
  • Please take your time when driving on the roads during the event and entering the parking areas, it is obligatory to follow the rules stipulated in the Traffic Act, by respecting speed limits and guidelines for good traffic practice.The orders given by the traffic and parking organizers should be strictly followed when moving with the car at the event and entering the parking lots

3. Watching rally stages, safety and security

  • Rally can be followed ONLY at the official spectator areas established by the organizer that have been indicated on the maps of stages.
  • At the end of the stage the track is opened by the end car with green flashing light. Please remind that the track of the stage is not opened for traffic in-between two stages.
  • It is strictly forbidden to stay in the areas marked “PROHIBITED AREA“, rally can be followed only at the spectator areas meant for that purpose.
  • Take special care of your children and taken along pets.
  • Stand up and turn to the car when the race car passes to enable fast reaction in case of possible danger.
  • All orders of the security employees should be followed unconditionally. If the organizers receive an information from the latter employees or zero cars that the stage cannot be held safely, this is just cancelled. If you notice spectators behaving unsafely, please help to call them to order.
  • If spectator with his/hers dangerous behavior compromises the Special Stage or Rally happening, the Organizers have the right to make a claim for the person