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The biggest motorsports event in the Baltics, Rally Estonia, will return in 2019 bigger and better than before. In addition to the best drivers of Estonia and the Baltics, the curvy and bumpy South-Estonian gravel roads will welcome some of the world’s top drivers.

Information about South-Estonia

Deep blue lakes hidden between rolling hills and valleys is what makes South Estonia a popular nature getaway destination.

Deep forests, a large national park, sleepy villages and adorable towns with historical churches and manors is what best characterises the southern Estonian vibe. Southern parts of Estonia are also a home to many traditional communities, such as Setos and Old Believers.

Here you will find Tartu, the oldest town in the Baltics, which also happens to be a home to northern Europe’s oldest university boasting groundbreaking discoveries since the 17th century. Moreover, the nearby town Otepää has been the training ground for several Olympic medalists. If your holiday goals are bit more modest then South Estonia is also great for science exhibitions, winter sports and spa trips into the wild.

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100 years of the Republic of Estonia

Estonia declared its independence on February 24th, 1918. It was the culmination of years of strides towards sovereignty, spanning 1917 to 1920. One hundred years later, Estonia is commemorating its statehood by hosting the EU Council presidency, kicking off national initiatives for youth and children and staging an unprecedented number of cultural events.

Today, there are about 1.3 million people living in Estonia. A further 125,000 people with Estonian heritage live abroad, which might explain why Ernest Hemingway once said, “In every port in the world, at least two Estonians can be found.”

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Official tourist information website: WWW.VISITESTONIA.COM

Accommodation in South-Estonia

Tourist information, including accommodation info:

in Tartu 
phone: +372 744 2111
address: Raekoda, 50089 Tartu
e-mail: info@visittartu.com

in Otepää

Address: Tartu mnt 1, 67404 Otepää
Phone: +372 766 1200
e-mail: turism@otepaa.ee

in Elva 
Address: Pargi 2, Elva
Phone: +372 733 0132
e-mail: i-punkt@elva.ee