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This year, we have taken a step forward towards an even more sustainable future and abandoned physical wristbands for rally passes and implementing digital tickets for the first time.

We believe that in addition to a more environmentally friendly solution, this innovation will make buying tickets and visiting the rally significantly easier and more convenient for all rally fans. After confirming the purchase, digital passes are sent to the buyer's e-mail address, which can be added to the "wallet" application on your smartphone, to the Rally Estonia spectator app and in addition, can be printed out when needed.

On the other hand, the VIP passes and FINEST rally pass, which are available in limited quantities, are still physical products, and with the purchase of the VIP pass, the spectator gets a wristband, whilst the FINEST pass is a badge with a unique design.

Passes can be purchased from the Rally Estonia e-store, and piletilevi sales points across Estonia. The rally pass allows access to all spectator areas, and the visitor can prepare a program of his own liking. Make sure to buy the Official Rally Magazine from any of the Circle K stations in Estonia, there you can find all information regarding the special stages, spectator areas and everything else to help you in making this the greatest rally experience! 

Rally fans can choose a pass that suits them either for one day or for the whole rally. The selection of passes includes: day passes, rally passes (4 days), VIP day passes, VIP pass and the unique FINEST rally pass.

Visiting the rally with a digital pass, it is important to pay attention to the following:

  • If you buy a ticket directly from the event organizer or an official intermediary Piletilevi, the authenticity of the ticket is guaranteed;
  • The unique code on the ticket is valid for single entry to one unique spectator area;
  • If one pass is used simultaneously entering multiple spectator areas or there is any other evidence of misuse, the ticket will be cancelled and one cannot enjoy the rally;
  • Before coming to the gate, please have your digital pass ready to avoid any delays;
  • In case you have printed a copy of the ticket, please do not fold the QR code.

WRC Rally Estonia 2023 will take place in 13 days and will be driven on the scenic roads and nature of Tartu and Tartu, Otepää, Elva, Kanepi, Kambja, Peipsiääre, Mustvee and Kastre parishes.

WRC Rally Estonia will begin on the 20th of July in the Tartu Town Hall square, where firstly all fans can enjoy the drivers press conference taking place on the podium, followed by the WRC drivers autograph sessioon. At 6 o’clock in the evening the grand opening ceremony of WRC Rally Estonia will start, with the best artists of Estonia and a unique show. After we will continue with the start podium and the evening will continue with SSS1 Visitestonia/Tartu vald near the Estonian National Museum. The day will end with a bang, when ’’Terminaator’’ concert will take place in the Tartu City Center, podium.

The traditional WRC Rally Estonia opening ceremony with the best artists in Estonia and a unique show, will take place on Thursday, July 20, in the center of Tartu, and it will be followed by the first special stage next to the Estonian National Museum.

On the second rally day Friday, July 21st, the special stages will be mainly in the areas near Peipsi and partly also in the region of South Estonia, in the village of Raanitsa. In addition to the WRC competition classes, the participants of the Estonian Championship will also take part in the competition on Friday.

On Saturday and Sunday (July 22-23), all the traditional special stages of southern Estonia will take place, and the WRC Rally Estonia 2023 will end with the award ceremony and finish podium in the center of Tartu on Sunday afternoon.

Come and enjoy a great summer weekend with an adrenaline-filled rally experience and be sure to take your flag with you to the stages!