Wrc Rally Estonia
Rally starts in
Fia WRC Autosport

One of the most legendary and popular spectator areas in Rally Estonia history, always packed with thousands of fans.

Jumps as far as 40 metres followed by complicated curves and high speeds provide adrenalin and excitement for everybody!

In addition you can find in the spectator area: 

  • Striking Shell Helix jump arch with flame-projectors and C02 guns
  • Postimees.ee live broadcast on local LED-screen with comments
  • catering areas
  • Sportland rally store
  • Visitestonia airbag jump
  • kids area and trampolines
  • Kuku rally radio
  • camping possibility from Friday July 12
  • parking
  • outdoor toilets
  • mowed. secure and large spectator area


Truuta is the most innovative spectator area where thousands of rally fans can follow the driving of each rally car for more than a 45 seconds.

The various rally elements built in the Truuta forest park and the natural slope will make spectating very easy. At Truuta area rally cars can jump, fall from the plateau and enjoy curves with varying speed and inclination.

In addition, you will find at Truuta:

  • Red Bull jump
  • Swecon excavator jump
  • LHV Autolaen jump
  • LED display for LIVE broadcast
  • Food area
  • Sportland Rally Shop
  • KUKU rally radio
  • Toilets
  • Large and safe spectator area
  • Easily accessible from Vastsemõisa-Truuta road
  • Comfortable parking near the spectator area


Leigo spectator area is located on the territory of Leigo tourist farm, in the middle of the picturesque Leigo lakes.

The spectator area is located on a natural hillside where each rally car can be seen for more than 30 seconds taking a sharp hairpin, trampolines and curves of different speeds.

In addition, You will find at Leigo:

  • Sportland jump
  • LED screen for LIVE broadcast with comments
  • Food area
  • Sportland Rally Shop
  • Igloo sauna
  • Childrens’ trampolines
  • Camping area and caravan parking, open from 12.07
  • Toilets